There’s something indescribable about our town of Cummins.

There is a magic bubbling away under the surface, that you don’t know exists until you’re living amongst it. It’s why so many people have come here for a short time, and chosen to never leave.

Whether it’s location or community, the facilities or the lifestyle, Cummins has something to offer everyone. Trying to portray the unique liveability of our community – particularly to those in medical professions – has been a challenge put forward to the CDEC: Cummins Health Focus Group. Under the production guidance and skills of Mark Thomas at Missing Link Media, and with the grateful funding of the project from Community Bank – Cummins District, along with the help of a few faces you’ll recognise down the street, we present ‘We Live It, You’ll Love It’. This shortform video is aimed at the recruitment of not only medical professionals, but families, workers, couples, and entrepreneurs – anyone on the path of a new adventure or in search of somewhere special to call home.

Cummins is calling.


A town and countryside that is always worth exploring more, and a home base that has everything you need on offer, find out more about Cummins here on our website, by visiting the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula website , finding us on Facebook,  or contacting our Enterprise Committee.

And if you’re ready to make the move to a life as a medical professional in Cummins, reach out to Lower Eyre Family Practice today:


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With thanks to our funding partners: Community Bank, Cummins District