Hello Cummins!

We’re excited to announce our new and refreshed website is live! And we couldn’t have done this without the amazing support of the community. Ever since the Cummins & District Tourism Committee was created in late 2017, one of our main projects has been designing a new website for Cummins & districts; and nally, after months of brainstorming, debating, editing, and writing, here we are!

The reason behind the name “Explore Cummins” is that the idea of exploring conveys discovering more, being interested in a place, staying and seeing, and Cummins offers so much more than meets the outsider’s eye, we thought that word suits it quite well.

We would like to acknowledge everyone who made this possible, from the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula to every member of our committee, to the businesses, and most importantly, the people of Cummins. Also thanks to everyone who’ve donated photos, or helped somehow in achieving our goals. We believe our town has great touristic potential, but this is only because of the fantastic community that makes Cummins how it is.

We hope that you all enjoy this new opportunity for Cummins as much as we all enjoyed making this for you, our town, our district, our community.

Cummins & District Tourism Committee

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